Multidimensional insights facilitate patient-centric approaches, expedite innovation, refine launch strategies, and deliver a deeper understanding of patients and the market landscape.

Data Depth & Breadth

>50% of Life Sciences teams report a "significant to very significant challenge" obtaining these 9 insights:

  • The complete longitudinal patient journey
  • Race and ethnicity at the patient level
  • The care setting in which therapy is provided
  • PIs/HCPs who can refer patients for clinical trials
  • Payer coverage (especially dual-eligible covered populations)
  • Patient “drop-offs” (therapy discontinuations)
  • Payer cost, including hospital cost (chargemaster) data
  • The best time to engage HCPs based on the patient’s journey
  • Patient genomic and biomarker data

What’s behind the challenge? 

  • Datasets that don’t include both open- and closed-claims data
  • A lack of high-fidelity demographic data (representative at the regional/state level) 
  • Limited or no access to specialty data sources
  • Hurdles to integrating/harmonizing data sources
  • Not using technology solutions enhanced with AI/machine learning