The inability to see patient, HCP/HCO, and payer dynamics in real time — and over time — impacts your ability to accurately assess disease epidemiology, patient characteristics, market size/share, and therapy effectiveness/outcomes, and to inform evidence-based medicine and access decisions.

Data Quality

Only 14% of pharmaceutical companies report they are "extremely confident" in their data insights. Others report they are:

  • 39% "very confident"
  • 42% "confident"
  • 6% "somewhat confident"

What’s behind the challenge? 

  • Legacy aggregators pass along inherent data flaws to you, e.g., patient-token collisions and splits
  • Proprietary tokenization makes data linking extremely complex and problematic
  • The inability to surface crucial insights, e.g., care setting, dual-eligible populations, line-of-therapy, hospital chargemaster data, etc.
  • Point-in-time (stagnant) data cuts don’t capture recent clinical encounters
  • Without closed claims (longitudinal) data, you can't see the patient journey, HCP referrals, or intervention points to drive clinical trial recruitment or therapy adoption