A Culture of Wellness: New Year’s Resolutions at Komodo

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Every year, thousands of people around the world make sweeping resolutions, often committing to new health goals. While the research is clear that these resolutions rarely lead to lasting transformations in individual health routines, here at Komodo, promoting health is core to who we are — both in the work we do and inside our team. As one of our core values, to “Enjoy the Ride,” the Komodo Wellness and Productivity Stipend makes it easier for Dragons to try new approaches to physical and mental health, wellness, self-care, and fun.  

Each year, our Dragons are encouraged to use their stipend on things or experiences that make them the best version of themselves. If the rowing machine you purchased last year is collecting dust, try a new class or sign up for a few sessions with an accountability coach. If you had fun learning how to boulder in 2021, get a subscription to a climbing gym this year. And if none of that’s your style….you can put your stipend toward a day at the spa. 

Last year, Dragons used their $1,200 stipend for everything from marathon sign-ups to sauna sessions to cooking classes. We checked in with four Dragons to see what New Year's resolutions they’re making this year, and how they are using their Wellness and Productivity Stipends.

Dragon: Erin Sucharda, Product Manager

Erin Sucharda

New Year’s Resolution: I’m not the type of person who subscribes to resolutions (shouldn’t we seek continuous self-development?!). That said, there are a few fitness goals I will be working towards in 2022. In June, I hope to complete my first Olympic Triathlon, and in April, I will run my second marathon and am hoping for a new personal record! 

How I’m ‘Enjoying the Ride’: This year I plan to put my wellness stipend toward ski lessons! I made the most of indoor activity cancellations last winter by getting out to ski as much as possible. This winter I am looking forward to improving my technique. I will even be skiing in Utah with some other Dragons! I love skiing because it is an excellent way to spend time outdoors with friends. In the past, Ive used my wellness stipend for marathon entry fees, and a ski day-pass with my fellow Dragons.

Dragon: Ryan Shakya, Accounting Associate

New Years Resolution: One New Year’s resolution I have is to start traveling again (depending on how COVID is affecting us). I would like to travel to some cities I’ve been wanting to visit: Dallas, Seattle, NOLA, Tokyo, and so many more.

How Im ‘Enjoying the Ride: Beyond traveling, Im excited to get some plants using my wellness stipend! I still have a succulent plant that Komodo gave me last year, so Ive been wanting to expand and get some bigger plants around my apartment as well.

Jana Lee

Dragon: Jana Lee, Senior Analytics Consulting Associate

New Year’s Resolution: One of my main resolutions for 2022 is to learn 12 songs on the ukulele!

How Im ‘Enjoying the Ride: Although I haven’t touched a musical instrument since I was in middle school, I’m excited to start playing again. I’m looking forward to learning a few songs so that my significant other and I can have a new shared hobby to pursue.


Dragon: Tom McCormick, Product Manager

Tom McCormickNew Years Resolution: Ive got a few! I want to improve my active listening skills (limit my interruptions to finish speaker statements or hurry the speaker), and focus more on expressing gratitude via social media platforms (three posts per month). Lastly, I’d like to lose weight and improve my overall cardiovascular fitness.

How Im ‘Enjoying the Ride: I’d like to apply my stipend toward a high-end exercise bike that features online cycling classes. Biking is great for improving overall conditioning, and is easier on my joints than running or body-weight exercises. Speaking of gratitude — I am most grateful to Komodo for a stipend that makes this type of expense possible, as I work toward getting healthier!

Thank you to Erin, Tom, Jana, and Ryan for sharing stories! We are inspired!

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