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Healthcare Map™

The Most Complete View of the Patient

You need clear answers to complex questions. Our Healthcare Map™ eliminates the silos, bias, stagnation, and redundancy that can lead to flawed datasets and gives you insights to make important decisions with confidence.


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The Ground Truth of Healthcare

The Power of Linked Data

Our Healthcare Map data is strategically sourced from myriad sources and linked to ensure that it’s representative of all patients, providers, payers, and phases of the patient journey. Third-party tokens enable us to connect datasets at the patient level and validate each individual patient.

Race & Disparities in Care:  Emergency and Inpatient Treatment


Artificial intelligence and machine learning depend on massive, complex data to deliver accurate, sophisticated insights and predictive analytics. Our Healthcare Map encompasses 330 million patients, 15 million new clinical encounters daily, and 150 million payer-complete profiles. A 75% overlap with 350 hospitals and a 96% overlap across 11 billion lab records offer unparalleled insight into the patient journey.

Unlocking the Opportunities Hidden in Healthcare Data


We synthesize data from claims, EHRs, genomics, patient registries, clinical trials, and more – then gain even greater perspective by adding global bibliometric, scientific, KOL, and social media data. Layering data from a multitude of sources enables a more thorough, precise strategy to develop and guide action plans. 

Driving Medical Innovation With Real-World Evidence


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What Our Customers Say

Komodo’s technology and real-time data help thread the needle on everything from clinical sites and physician engagement to patients with relevant diagnoses.
– Pierre Sayad, PhD, VP of Global Medical and Scientific Affairs, Karyopharm Therapeutics