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Our Mission: To reduce the global burden of disease through the most actionable Healthcare Map

We’re a team of data geeks, doctors, builders, innovators and policy wonks who believe the hardest problems in healthcare can only be solved by harnessing the best data

Our Core Values

  • Be Awesome

    Be Present.  Respect your peers.  Help foster a community of trusted relationships with your co-workers.  Be someone people want to be around.  Be creative and resourceful.  Be accountable.  Have integrity.  Be passionate about contributing.  Stay positive.  Be open, honest and humble.

  • Seek Growth

    Challenge yourself and your peers.  Grow as a person.  Crave learning and development opportunities.  Support healthy, constructive debate that advances our thinking and planning, and drives us forward as an organization.  Stay nimble.

  • Deliver “Wow!”

    Always strive to exceed expectations, with your team, your customers and shareholders. Always work to deliver high quality through flawless execution.  Build innovative solutions that create exceptional value.  Focus on outcomes.  Reward outperformance.

  • Enjoy the Ride

    Love being at work.  Embrace change.  Listen to and support your colleagues.  Share.  Learn from mistakes.  Celebrate successes.  It’s a marathon not a sprint, value the journey.  Stay healthy physically and mentally.  The ride is not free.

Our Leadership Team

  • Dr. Arif Nathoo

  • Web Sun

  • Dr. Richard Kho

  • Brice Wu

  • Saiba Sabherwal

  • Bill Evans

  • Dr. Aswin Chandrakantan

    Chief Medical Officer & SVP Corporate Development
  • Julie Rogers

    People & Experience
  • Jason Prestinario

    Data Science
  • Adam Tong

  • Dr. Meghan Dierks

    Clinical Advisor

“Healthcare is an exciting place to be a designer right now, where there are so many important problems that need to be solved. My work in Design at Komodo is my way to be an advocate for patients.”

Michelle, Product Design

“As a recent college grad, what really resonated with me when I first joined was the people at Komodo and the passion for what they do here.”

Bobby, Customer Success

My inspiration at Komodo is no different from my personal inspiration: to find ways to make a positive impact on patients’ quality of life.”

Marc, Clinical Innovation

“At Komodo, I love that we have a safe space to voice our ideas and share respect for each other.”

Ching, Full Stack Engineering

“I’ve always loved solving big, meaningful problems with people I admire and love to work with. Ultimately, what we do at Komodo keeps me energized.”

Jake, Product Management

I’m excited about the potential at Komodo Health because even though we’re well grounded, our ceiling is the sky.”

Ric, Data Science

I truly believe that we’re focused on positioning our customers to lead the way in today’s complex healthcare environment, by providing actionable insights on healthcare data.”

Seema, Tech Lead

“I love that we have the opportunity to examine and explain the issues affecting our country’s healthcare system. That sense of responsibility inspires me every day.”

Izzy, Customer Experience
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